3 Tricks for Getting Battle Cats XP

Lately, Battle Cats game has been very interesting. In fact, I now play it more than when I first started. All that changes when I stumbled on tricks that enabled me get unlimited Battle Cats XP. The moment I figured out that hack, my Battle Cats gaming experience took a new dimension. I promise to tell you more my latest free battle Cats cheats 2020 later in this article.

If you have been the game for more than a month then what I’m talking about is not new to you. You literally know the importance of Battle Cats XP. With it, there are a lot that you can get accomplished within a short period. Anywhere, that is not the focus of this article. Maybe in subsequent time, we will talk more about the things that you can get accomplished with Battle Cats XP. But for today, let’s keep our focus on how to get Battle Cats XP.

Getting Battle Cats XP

There are different methods that anyone can use to generate XP. However, it is important to state that not all methods are suitable for everybody. While method A can work well for Mr. A, the same method unfortunately will not work for Mr. B. if that be the case, what then is the way forward? Keep reading to find the way forward when confronted with such dilemma.

Method 1: Watching Short Videos

One sure way that you can use to get free XP is by simply watching short sponsored videos. This method is widely being used by many game developers. There is nothing wrong with the method. Maybe because it is a win-win strategy for the both parties involved.

Even CODM (Call of Duty Mobile) developers have recently incorporated this strategy into their game. By watching short target videos, players get rewarded with cool stuff. In this case, the more video you watch the high chance you stand in getting more XP. So, you do want to spend more time watching videos so that you can earn plenty XP.

One thing that makes the method super cool is the fact that it is free. You get to pay nothing while receiving all the necessary resources. These are resources that you would otherwise have been paying for. The fact remains that you would have been happy paying for them.

Method 2: Payment with Real Money

In this method, you will be spending money to get XP. Yes, we know that this is not a suitable method for everybody. Especially, those people with little to no budget. For those set of persons, you do have to stick with the free method discussed above.  However, if you happen to have some extra bills that you can afford to spend on gaming resources, then keep reading. This method is absolutely designed for you.

The good thing about this method for getting Battle Cats XP is that it is super-fast. No time wasted. You literally get the resources once your payment has been confirmed.

So, there you have it. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and give the method a try. We do like to hear your opinion about the method via the comment section.